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Map Catalogue

Map Catalogue

The British Antarctic Survey has a selection of maps for sale ranging from overview maps of Antarctica and Antarctic Peninsula through to more detailed maps of regions of specific interest. The links below give details about some of the maps BAS has for sale, or you can download the full catalogue as a PDF document.

Map Catalogue v1

British Antarctic Survey maps

  1. Antarctica and the Arctic
  2. Antarctic Peninsula and Weddell Sea / Graham Land and South Shetland Islands
  3. Adelaide Island and Arrowsmith Peninsula
  4. South Georgia
  5. South Shetland Islands
  6. BEDMAP — Bed Topography of the Antarctic
  7. ADMAP — Magnetic Anomaly Map of the Antarctic
  8. GEOMAP 1 — Geological Map of South Georgia, Sheet 1
  9. GEOMAP 2 — Aeromagnetic anomaly map of West Antarctica (Weddell Sea sector), Sheet 2
  10. GEOMAP 3 — Geological map of Adelaide Island to Foyn Coast, Sheet 3
  11. GEOMAP 4 — Geological map of Shackleton Range, Antarctica, Sheet 4
  12. GEOMAP 5 — Geomorphological map of Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, Sheet 5A
  13. GEOMAP 6 — Geology and geomorphology of Deception Island, Sheet 6
  14. Topographical Survey and Mapping of British Antarctic Territory, South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands 1944-1986

Maps with UK Antarctic Heritage Trust

The British Antarctic Survey has collaborated with the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust to publish the following maps. These are only for sale via UKAHT.

  1. Scotia Sea/Graham Land and South Shetland Islands
  2. Brabant Island to Argentine Islands
  3. Northern Antarctic Peninsula

How to order a map