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Map of Antarctica and the Arctic


Antarctica and Arctic
Antarctica and the Arctic overview
Antarctica and the Arctic detail

Series: BAS Miscellaneous

Scale: 1:10 000 000

Edition: 1

Published: 2010

Size: 73.5 x 90 cm

Size Folded: 24.5 x 18 cm

Format: Double-sided, Flat or Folded

ISBN: Folded 978-0-85665-166-3, Flat 978-0-85665-162-5

Description: Limits 90° S – 60° S and 90° N – 60° N (all Antarctica south of 60°S and the Arctic north of 60°N).

This double-sided topographic map provides an overview, and comparison, of both polar regions at the same scale and with the same geographical extent. Smaller panels show seasonal sea-ice extent for both areas; Arctic climatic and bio-geographical boundaries, and Antarctica’s relationship to the other southern continents.

Side A: Antarctica. A topographic map of Antarctica, including: Coastline and ice shelves; bathymetry; ice/rock limits; contours, key mountain summits and hill-shaded terrain, and scientific research stations.

Side B: The Arctic. A topographic map of the Arctic, including: Coastline: bathymetry; contours, key mountain summits and hill-shaded terrain, major rivers and lakes, and glaciers and ice caps. It also shows major towns, transport networks, airports and national boundaries.

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