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Panel session for early career polar scientists

Date and Venue

The UK Polar Network is organising an exciting panel session on “Publishing your work”, to be held as part of the Antarctic Science Conference 2012 (12–14 September in Cambridge).

The panel session will be held on Thursday 13 September from 5:30pm in the lecture theatre of the Kaetsu Centre.

About the panel

The panel session is primarily aimed at early career scientists, but is of course open to all those who have registered to attend the conference!

In the panel session we would like to address questions such as

  • How to choose the most appropriate journal to submit your manuscript to
  • How to deal with reviewers’ comments, especially with regard to conflicting scientific approaches or “opinions”.
  • How to become a reviewer yourself
  • What if you’re asked to be a reviewer?
  • Pros and cons of 'grey' literature
  • Pros and cons of open source publications

The panel will consist of: Eric Wolff, Jane Francis, David Vaughan, Karen Heywood, Lloyd Peck, and Tom Bracegirdle, so all major parts of polar science will be covered.

Social event

We are also planning to go for a meal afterwards (Pizza Express, Wetherspoons, or some other place). If you would be interested in joining us for that, please notify Coleen Suckling by email coleen.suckling@polarnetwork.org, and we will book a table.

We are looking forward to seeing many of you there!


Emma Smith

Amélie Kirchgaessner