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Our History

The history of the organisation is preserved by the Archives Service, established in 1979. It manages and provides access to records created by British Antarctic Survey and its predecessors, Operation Tabarin (1943–45) and the Falkland Islands Dependencies Survey, (FIDS, 1945–61), or donated to BAS. For more information see the BAS Archives pages.

The following information resources are amongst those available.

History of BAS
The origins of the British Antarctic Survey

British Research Stations and Refuges
Current and historic sites occupied by BAS

RRS Bransfield
Ice stengthened cargo ship previously used by BAS

Database of Winterers
Names, occupation, year and base of over 2000 men and women who have spent at least one winter South at British Antarctic bases from 1944 to 2011 (updated every 5 years)