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Adelaide Island Station T — History

Location of Station T — AdelaideAdelaide Station

(Known as Adelaide Island until Jul 1962)

Position: Lat. 67° 46′ S, Long. 68° 55′ W
General location: South-west Adelaide Island


Survey, glaciology, geology and meteorology. Main air facility and centre for airborne earth sciences programme.


3 Feb 1961 – 1 Mar 1977.

Established on the south-west tip of Adelaide Island in preference to Rothera Point as it had a better ski-way for aircraft and less sea ice to hinder access by ship. Closed when the ski-way deteriorated and operations were transferred to Rothera (Station R).


The original building was known as Stephenson House after A Stephenson, surveyor on the British Graham Land Expedition (BGLE) 1934–37. An additional hut named Rymill House after J R Rymill, leader of BGLE, was erected in Mar 1962. A separate accommodation hut named Hampton House after W E Hampton, deputy leader and chief pilot of the BGLE, was erected on 1 Jan 1963. This was formerly the garage at Fossil Bluff (Station KG). A plastic accommodation building was established on 3 Mar 1967.

Current Status

Transferred to Chile 14 Aug 1984 and renamed Teniente Luis Carvajal Villaroel Antarctic Base (Teniente Carvajal).