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Admiralty Bay Station G — History

Location of Station G — Admiralty Bay

Position: (1985) Lat. 62° 05′ S, Long. 58° 25′ W
General location: Martel Inlet, Keller Peninsula, King George Island, South Shetland IslandsThe abandoned base at Admiralty Bay


Geology, meteorology and glaciology.


  • 18 Jan 1947 – 23 Mar 1947
  • Jan 1948 – 19 Jan 1961.


The first two buildings, a small wooden hut and a Nissen hut, were erected in Jan 1947. A second wooden hut was established on 14 Feb 1948 but removed in 1950 and re-erected at Signy Island (Station H). A third hut named Sparrow House after the ship HMS Sparrow in which it was transported, was established about 300 yards south of the second hut on 28 Jan 1949. A further hut was erected on 6 Jan 1956.


  • E Platt, 10 Nov 1948: grave.
  • R G Napier, 24 Mar 1956: memorial cross.
  • A Sharman, 23 Apr 1959: grave.
  • D R Bell, 26 Jul 1959: memorial.

Current Status

Demolished and removed by members of the Brazilian Antarctic Expedition at Comandante Ferraz Station, Jul 1995 – Feb 1996. Only concrete foundations remain.