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Anvers Island Station N — History

Location of Station N — Anvers Island

Anvers Island, 1956/7

Position: Lat. 64° 46′ S, Long. 64° 05′ W
General location: Arthur Harbour, Anvers Island, Palmer Archipelago


Survey and geology.


  • 27 February 1955 – 10 January 1958.
  • Open in support of air facility 1969–1971.
  • Ski-way in use 1969–1973 and then intermittently until 15 Nov 1993.

Closed in 1958 when local work completed. Air operations transferred to Adelaide (Station T) in 1973 when the ski-way deteriorated.


The hut was loaned to the U.S. Government 2 July 1963 which converted it into a biological laboratory in January 1965 for use by American scientists at the nearby Palmer Station. Destroyed by fire while being renovated by BAS on 28 December 1971.

Current Status

Destroyed. Debris was removed by the members of the US Antarctic Program in 1990/91. Only concrete foundations remain.