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Damoy Point Refuge — History

Associated Transit Facility — Damoy Point

Position: Lat. 64° 49′ S, Long. 63° 31′ WDamoy Point
Dorian Bay, Wiencke Island, Palmer Archipelago


Summer air facility consisting of skiway close to Tombstone Hill and refuge hut at Dorian Bay.


Intermittently 1973-12 Nov 1993

Provided a transit station to enable personnel and stores arriving by ship to be flown on to Rothera (Station R) in early summer when sea ice prevented direct access to the station by ship.


A hut was established on 6 November 1975. Known as ‘Damoy Point’ hut after the location of the airstrip, although the building is on Dorian Bay. The original plan had been to establish the facility on Doumer Island in 1973 but soft snow conditions made the skiway unusable.


Additional ski-way on Doumer Island, Palmer Archipelago, Lat. 64° 44′ S, Long. 63° 35′ W, 1972/73 and 1974/75.

Current Status

Maintained as operational until 2006. Now closed. Site cleaned up 1996/97 and Dec 2007.

Designated Historic Site and Monument (HSM) No. 84 in 2009.