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Fossil Bluff Station KG — History

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Station KG — Fossil Bluff

Position: Lat. 71° 20′ S, Long. 68° 17′ W
General location: Fossil Bluff, Alexander Island


Survey, geology, glaciology and field geophysics. Advanced station for field parties from Stonington Island (Station E), Adelaide (Station T) and Rothera (Station R).


Fossil Bluff

Intermittently 20 Feb 1961 to present.

Occupied during the winters of 1961, 1962, 1969–1975. Closed for the 1976 winter when Rothera (Station R) became fully operational. Occupied intermittently for summer seasons since then. Supplied by air from Adelaide (Station T) and Rothera (Station R) and overland from Stonington Island (Station E).


The main hut was named Bluebell Cottage.

Current Status

Advanced field station for parties from Rothera (Station R) during austral summers.