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Hope Bay Station D — History

Location of Station D — Hope Bay

Position: Lat. 63° 24′ S, Long. 56° 59′ W
General location: Hope Bay, Trinity Peninsula

Hope Bay 1953/4


Survey, geology, geophysics, glaciology, meteorology, human and dog physiology.


  • 13 February 1945 – 4 February 1949
  • 4 February 1952 – 13 February 1964

An attempt was made to establish the station on 7 Feb 1944 as the main base for Operation Tabarin but sea ice conditions prevented unloading of stores.


The original hut was known as Eagle House after the ship SS Eagle which transported the party to Hope Bay in 1945. This was destroyed by fire on 8 Nov 1948. It was replaced by Trinity House which was established in a new position on 4 February 1952, its name taken from Trinity Peninsula.


O Burd and M C Green, 8 Nov 1948: graves in the vicinity of the original hut.

Current Status

Transferred to Uruguay on 8 Dec 1997 and renamed Teniente Ruperto Elichiribehety Uruguayan Antarctic Scientific Station.