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Sandefjord Bay Station C — History

Location of Station C — Sandefjord Bay

(First station with letter C; also referred to as Station P)

Position: Lat. 60° 37′ S, Long. 46° 02′ W
General location: Moreton Point, Sandefjord Bay, Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands

Sandefjord Bay - Sandefjord Bay


Never occupied.


Built 19 February 1945. Last seen standing 6 September 1950. Collapsed (possibly blown down) by 1 February 1955.

The original intention had been to establish a station in the South Orkney Islands in 1944 on Signy Island, but this was not achieved. In 1945 a hut was built at Sandefjord Bay, although there were insufficient personnel to occupy it. This has since been referred to as Station P, although there is no evidence for this in the official records. It was replaced by a new hut at Cape Geddes, Laurie Island (which became known as Station C) in 1946.

Current Status

Hut in ruins, site derelict.