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Stonington Island Station E — History

Location of Station E — Stonington Island

(Also known as Marguerite Bay)

Position: Lat. 68° 11′ S, Long. 67° 00′ W
General location: Stonington Island, Marguerite Bay


Survey, geology, meteorology and biology.


  • 25 February 1946 – 12 February 1950
  • 9 March 1958 – 7 March 1959
  • 14 August 1960 – 23 February 1975

Established 250 yards from the US East Base. The station was closed in 1950 as sea ice conditions had prevented access to relieve the station in 1949. It was reopened in 1960 as the centre for field work in the south Antarctic Peninsula area when Horseshoe Island (Station Y) was closed.

Stonington Island


The original building was known as Trepassey House after the ship MV Trepassey in which it was transported. The station was re-sited when a new main hut was erected on 4 March 1961. The new hut was the first two storey building to be erected by FIDS. It was unnamed.

A single storey extension was added in 1965 and a further extension was erected on 27 January 1972. Buildings from the US East Base were also used. These were known as Passion Flower Hotel, Jenny’s Roost and Finn Ronne and were used as workshops and stores. Trepassey House was burnt down in January 1974 as it had become derelict.


J F Noel and T J Allan, Jun 1966: graves on Flagstaff Hill.

Current Status

Closed. Site cleaned up by BAS in 1991/92. Designated as Historic Site No. 64 under the Antarctic Treaty, 19 May 1995.