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Arctic Office

A UK Arctic Office, hosted at the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) offices in Cambridge, has been set up to coordinate UK research in the Arctic for NERC. In particular, it will coordinate the logistical and polar infrastructure needed to make Arctic research possible.

Role of the Arctic Office

The Arctic Office is tasked with servicing the agreement on polar research and logistical cooperation signed in December 2008 between the governments of Canada and UK. It is also the point of contact for NERC involvement in the Norwegian led programme Svalbard Integrated Arctic Earth Observing System (SIAEOS) to develop Svalbard as a major international node in a developing circum-Arctic observational network.

The Arctic Office will develop links with Arctic Rim countries to share research facilities, equipment and information and so increase opportunities for UK involvement in Arctic research.


  • The NERC Arctic Office is headed by Cynan Ellis-Evans.
  • The UK Arctic Research Station on Svalbard will now come under the Arctic Office. It is managed by Nick Cox.