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Programme Office

The Programme Office connects the science programmes of the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) and the administrative groups of Operations, Finance and Personnel. The Office also links BAS science with external groups and organisations to develop and promote BAS research internationally.

Role of the Programme Office

The Programme Office:

  • identifies national and international funding opportunities;
  • helps identify suitable research proposals at the outline stage and supports researchers in writing strong proposals for submission;
  • coordinates the e-submission process for research proposals, both national and regional (EU-funded); and
  • manages the development of cooperative agreements between BAS and outside organisations. There are now several hundred memoranda and letters of understanding (MOU and LOU) that provide an unambiguous statement of agreed intentions between parties.

The Programme Office has developed project management tools for the planning and development of the BAS science programme, Polar Science for Planet Earth (PSPE), and represents BAS involvement in various international programmes.

Programme Office sections

The Programme Office coordinates: