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Science disciplines

Scientists in the British Antarctic Survey (BAS) work across many scientific disciplines, including:

  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Biology (including ecology and evolutionary biology)
  • Earth Sciences (including atmospheric science, geology, geophysics, glaciology and oceanography)

The current BAS Science Research Strategy, Polar Science for Planet Earth (PSPE), comprises six science programmes. A total of 25 projects are distributed across the science programmes, and BAS scientists may work on one or more of these projects.

Science groups

The Science section also has 2 functional groups:

Science Strategy

Science Delivery

  • maintains and develops staff and science infrastructure
  • allocates scientists to projects
  • manages science budgets
  • monitors the progress and delivery of the six science programmes
  • includes the PSPE Science Programme Coordinators, the Science Support Office, and the Scientific Laboratories and Facilities Group