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Science Strategy Team

The purpose of the BAS Science Strategy Team is to ensure BAS delivers world-leading science underpinned by a clear polar science strategy, that science in BAS is well-managed and has funding that is appropriate and secure.


The BAS Science Strategy Team meets monthly, and comprise:

Terms of Reference

The BAS Science Strategy Team will take responsibility:

  • to develop, maintain and implement a science strategy that keeps BAS at the forefront of polar science, meeting the current NERC science strategy and delivering the BAS Vision;
  • to ensure the delivery of the BAS science programme, assessing progress, and ensuring excellent scientific outcomes;
  • to foster a vibrant and fertile intellectual environment within BAS, in which all scientists are challenged to develop bold and exciting scientific ideas, and to develop their personal and professional skills
  • to ensure that BAS leads and participates in scientific initiatives that lead to major advances in knowledge and expertise;to identify opportunities and ensure innovation, beneficial contact with stakeholders and to maximise the impact of BAS Science;
  • to identify and initiate opportunities to maintain, diversify and increase funding available to BAS science; agreeing any changes or adjustments required ensure the sustainable funding of crucial science activities. 
  • to monitor performance of BAS’s science, and ensure its scientists perform in-line with the expectations of BAS and NERC, highlighting and praising excellence, and where required, implementing measures to improve performance; 
  • to identify, and seek to overcome, impediments to scientific progress; reporting those that cannot be overcome to the BAS Executive.