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Information Leaflets

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The leaflets below are free to download from this website. To obtain a hard copy of these leaflets, please contact us.

BAS Research Stations

British Antarctic Survey Research Stations
Information and pictures about BAS's research stations, past, present and future. What a station needs and how to make Antarctica a home. Also, detailed information about each of BAS's five research stations.

BAS Ships

British Antarctic Survey Ships
RRS James Clark Ross and RRS Ernest Shackleton are BAS's ice-strengthened survey and logistics vessels. Find out about their capabilities and roles in completing Antarctic science and how they negotiate the roughest seas in the world.

BAS Aircraft

British Antarctic Survey Aircraft
BAS has five aircraft, four de Havilland Twin Otters and one de Havilland Dash-7. Find out about their vital roles for BAS and where they can travel around the frozen continent.

BAS History

British Antarctic Survey History
This leaflet starts with the first exploratory voyages of Captain Cook and James Clark Ross, covers the herioc age of Scott and Shackleton through to the formation of the Falkand Island Dependencies Survey and on to BAS itself.

The Ozone Hole - Public information leaflet about the ozone hole - cover

The Ozone Hole
BAS scientists discovered the Antarctic ozone hole and this explains about its formation and identification, and the measures put in place by the international community. It also addresses the future and its ultimate recovery.

Antarctic Treaty leaflet cover

The Antarctic Treaty
Everything you need to know about the hugely succesful, international agreement that governs Antarctica - The Antarctic Treaty

Antarctic Penguins

Antarctic Penguins
A mass of information about all six Antarctic penguin species, from the inquisitive Adélies to the majestic emperors. Find out about penguin numbers, how they live and breed, and whether they are under threat.