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Western and Eastern core box bioacoustics database

Western and Eastern core box bioacoustics database

Antarctic Krill - Euphausia superba - these grow to a maximum size of 6cm, occurring in dense swarms.This database contains all details of the acoustics surveys undertaken by BAS over the period 1996 – 2008. The majority of the data comes from the western core box and eastern core box surveys (Figure 1). Although this database exists and can be used by specific users within BAS it is not currently available to external users.

For each cruise season the data can be queried by setting the desired dB difference and depth range. Changing the dB difference limits allows the user to determine the taxa of interest (e.g. Fish or Krill). The query will result in the NASC values will be summed for each integration period that agrees with the query, with those points which do not satisfy the conditions set to zero.


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