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Invertebrate Collections - Information about datasets

The Biological Resources Centre contains preserved invertebrate collections from a wide variety of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic localities (in particular the Antarctic Peninsula, South Orkney Islands, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands). Some of the specimens are preserved in alcohol and others have been fixed on to slides. A number of invertebrate groups are represented in the collections including mites (Acarina), beetles (Coleoptera), spring tails (Collembola), flies (Diptera), and nematodes (Nematoda). Recent studies of the collections have resulted in the discovery of new species of both mites and spring tails.

Many of the collections have not been fully studied so we would like to hear from anyone who has expertise in any of these invertebrate groups and might be interested in studying our collections.

For further information about our specimen collections please contact Helen Peat at the British Antarctic Survey.