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Plant Collections - Information about datasets

The plant collections are held in the British Antarctic Survey's herbarium (international code AAS). This contains over 40 000 plant specimens from Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic Islands and surrounding continents (especially Fuegia and Patagonia). Over 2000 species are represented, comprising predominantly mosses, liverworts and lichens with smaller collections of vascular plants, macro-algae and macro-fungi.

The collection and determination details of the specimens are maintained in the Antarctic Plant Database, together with those from about 12 000 field records of specimens from South Georgia which were collected and identified, but not preserved. In addition to AAS specimens the database also holds information on over 15 000 specimens collected from relevant regions that are held in other herbaria worldwide. There are records from some 50 herbaria including ACHE, B, BA, BAA, BAB, BAF, BM, BREM, CHR, E, FH, FI, G, GB, GL, GOET, GZU, H, HBG, HIRO, JE, K, L, LD, LE, LTR, LY, MANCH, MVM, NA, NSE, NY, O, PC, PRE, S, SGO, SI, TNS, TRH, TUR, U, UPS, US, W, WELT and Z.

The herbarium specimens are available for loan to recognised institutions. We do however encourage anyone who would like to use the specimens to come and visit to enable use of all the supporting information and resources as well as the specimens.

For further information about the herbarium collections please contact Helen Peat at the British Antarctic Survey.

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