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Information about Collections - Data

Plant Collections

The plant collections are held in the British Antarctic Survey’s herbarium (international code AAS). This contains over 40,000 plant specimens from Antarctica, the sub-Antarctic Islands and surrounding continents (especially Fuegia and Patagonia)… More information >>

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Invertebrate Collections

The Biological Resources Centre contains preserved invertebrate collections from a wide variety of Antarctic and sub-Antarctic localities (in particular the Antarctic Peninsula, South Orkney Islands, South Georgia and the Falkland Islands)… More information >>

Terrestrial Geology Collections

The terrestrial geology collections are held in the British Antarctic Survey’s main rock store, palaeontology laboratories and offsite storage facility. These contain over 150,000 specimens collected primarily from Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic Islands over the last 60 years… More information >>

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Marine Geology Collections

The British Antarctic Survey has collected nearly 500 marine sediment cores and 100 dredges from the waters around West Antarctica, the Antarctic Peninsula and the Scotia Sea… More information >>