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Environmental Data Collection, Management and Availability

British Antarctic Survey Policy Statement

British Antarctic Survey (BAS) collects a wide range of environmental data through its NERC designated Polar Data Centre (PDC).

BAS data are managed in compliance with the following legal frameworks:

The NERC data policy explains how BAS complies with this legislation.

BAS is committed to managing its data effectively to provide the services required for delivering NERC and BAS Science Strategies and to ensure maximum exploitation and integrity of our data assets. All stages of collection and processing are subject to appropriate quality assurance processes before being made available.

The Polar Data Centre manages data, collected in pursuit of BAS scientific research programmes. It is made openly available to the wider scientific community to facilitate greater understanding, interpretation and knowledge of the natural environment of the Polar Regions. BAS data sets are available through our website

BAS holds data provided by third parties. Any requests for third party data will be referred to the original data provider unless they have given BAS advance permission to supply their data.

Users should notify the Polar Data Centre of any apparent data errors so that they can be investigated and appropriate action taken to correct the data errors if necessary. General expressions of interest in using our BAS data should also be made through the Polar Data Centre.

21 January 2010