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More Information about the CEFAC Project

People and Expertise

  • Anna Jones – Project Leader, Atmospheric chemist
  • Eric Wolff – Principal Investigator, Air and ice core chemist
  • Stéphane Bauguitte – Atmospheric chemist and instrumentalist
  • Neil Brough – Atmospheric chemist and instrumentalist
  • Sue Foord - Technician
  • Manuel Hutterli – Air/snow/ice physicist
  • Howard Roscoe – Atmospheric chemist and instrumentalist

Selected Publications

A.E. Jones, P.S. Anderson, E.W.Wolff, J. Turner, A.M. Rankin, S. R. Colwell, , “A role for newly-forming sea ice in springtime polar tropospheric ozone loss? Observational evidence from Halley station, Antarctica” J. Geophys. Res.,111, D08306, doi: 10.1029/2005JD006566, 2006.


None yet available.


The Halley Clean Air Sector Laboratory (CASLab)

The Clean Air Sector Laboratory (CASLab) is dedicated to studies of atmospheric chemistry, air/snow exchange and boundary layer meteorology.

It is located 1km from Halley station, in a clean air sector that receives minimal interference from station generators. Routine access is by ski or on foot, to avoid contamination of the area.

The CASLab was commissioned in January 2003, and has been used for an ongoing programme of aerosol and fundamental photochemistry research. It has specialised inlets to allow representative sampling of aerosols, and trace gas sampling is done from a central inlet stack with very short residence time.

As well as ongoing research, CASLab hosts measurement intensives such as the extensive CHABLIS campaign (Chemistry of the Antarctic Boundary Layer and the Interface with Snow)

Results from CASLab science will help us to understand how the natural unpolluted atmosphere behaves, and also the way ice core records (CACHE-DRAM) were built up and hence exactly what the signals in ice mean.