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People and Expertise - DRAM Project


  • Dr Nerilie Abram – Palaeoclimatologist, working on chemical ice core records, mainly from the Antarctic Peninsula
  • Sue Foord – Ice chemistry technician, involved in ice core processing; general support for the group
  • Dr Robert Mulvaney – Ice core palaeoclimatologist, and leader of the Berkner Island drilling project; Group Head Cryospheric Sciences
  • Dr Regine Röthlisberger – Palaeoclimatologist, with focus on chemical ice core records from Antarctica and Greenland
  • Dr Louise Sime – Palaeoclimate modeller (HadCM3 global coupled climate model), with expertise in modeling ocean circulation and stable water isotopes
  • Louise Thilthorpe – Ice core chemist specialised in analytical chemistry, and dealing with the processing of ice cores and their analysis by ion chromatography
  • Jack Triest – Ice core drilling engineer, with a background in electro-mechanical engineering; involved in drilling operations and maintenance and development of equipment for physical and electrical analysis of ice cores.
  • Dr Eric Wolff – Palaeoclimate of the late Quaternary, especially from ice cores; ice core chemical records

  • NN – Ice core analytical chemist, specialising in Continuous Flow Analysis (CFA) and the processing of the Berkner ice core

PhD Students:

  • Tim Conway - Student in combination with Prof. Harry Elderfield at Dept. of Earth Sciences, University of Cambridge; studying the solubility and bioavailability of iron from ice cores.