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Research Outputs and Impacts of GSAC

Global Science in the Antarctic Context (GSAC) was British Antarctic Survey’s research programme from 2005-2009. There are many ways for assessing the outputs and impacts of the GSAC, but here we use two measures: paradigm shifts and major discoveries.

Paradigm shifts of GSAC
Summary of paradigm shifts from the GSAC programme and key references. A paradigm shift overturns conventional or well-accepted thinking on a science topic, opens up a new area of science, or gives a new, almost complete explanation of a science topic that essentially closes it to further significant investigation.

Major discoveries of GSAC
Summary of major discoveries of the GSAC programme and key references. A major discovery is a science output that gives substantial new evidence that might make the global science community re-think existing paradigms.

Some of the key references given are available through NERC’s Open Research Archive. There is also a list of all GSAC publications available.