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GSAC Programmes

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The BAS five-year research strategy Global Science in the Antarctic Context (GSAC) for 2005–2009 comprised eight research programmes totalling 18 projects, plus long-term monitoring and survey.

ACES — Antarctic Climate and the Earth System

BIOFLAME — Biodiversity, Function, Limits and Adaptation from Molecules to Ecosystems

CACHE — Climate and Chemistry: Forcings, Feedbacks and Phasings in the Earth System

COMPLEXITY — Natural Complexity Programme

DISCOVERY 2010 — Integrating Southern Ocean Ecosystems into the Earth System

GEACEP — Greenhouse to Ice-House Evolution of the Antarctic Cryosphere and Palaeoenvironment

GRADES — Glacial Retreat in Antarctica and Deglaciation of the Earth System

SEC — Sun Earth Connections

Long-term monitoring and survey activities link to all programmes:

LTMS — Long-Term Monitoring and Survey