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What do the polar regions tell us about climate change?

Polar Science for Planet Earth — Find out what the Polar Regions tell us about climate change:

What do the polar regions tell us about climate change
What do the polar regions tell us about climate change

Antarctica and climate change
It is widely accepted that climate change as a result of human activity, is real, happening now and will have an impact of everyone and everything on the Earth. Antarctica

Antarctica and sea-level rise
Sea-level rise increases the frequency of coastal flooding events and threatens coastal populations around the world

Climate Change — Why should we study Antarctic climate?
The Antarctic region is an important regulator of global climate.

Climate Change — Our Research
The Antarctic is a pivotal part of the Earth’s climate system and a sensitive barometer of environmental change. Although remote and inhospitable, Antarctica is Earth’s most powerful natural laboratory.

Measuring one of the world’s largest glaciers
Over two Antarctic summer seasons British Antarctic Survey (BAS) mounted an ambitious and challenging deep-field science campaign to one of the most remote places on Earth.

Press Release — New ice core shows more evidence of Antarctic Peninsula change
More evidence of changing weather patterns around the Antarctic Peninsula — a region where climate has changed rapidly over the last 50 years — is published this month in Geophysical Research Letters (online).

Press Release — Exploration of lake hidden beneath Antarctica’s ice sheet begins
Lakes that lie beneath Antarctica’s vast ice sheets may hold clues to the Earth's past climate and evolution of life…