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Data and plots

Campaign data

Following 2 successful year-round field campaigns, we have multi-seasonal measurements for the following atmospheric components:

  • NO/NO2
  • CO
  • OH/HO2
  • halogens (IO, BrO, Br2, BrCl)
  • NMHC
  • HCHO
  • HNO3/HNO4
  • DMS
  • aerosol chemistry (filters)
  • 2-pi spectroradiometer

Long-term measurements

On-going measurements include:

Component Instrument
  • surface ozone
  • BrO/IO
  • Particle concentration
  • Black carbon
  • TEI 49C
  • Mini MAX-DOAS
  • Condensation particle counter
  • Aethalometer

Observations at the CASLab are supported by other measurements made at Halley, including standard and boundary layer meteorology, and total column ozone.

For access to these data, contact Anna Jones