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Sending email and faxes to Antarctic stations and ships


Email accounts for people based on stations and ships

BAS staff

All BAS staff in the Antarctic have access to their normal email accounts (userid@bas.ac.uk), and limited access to the Internet. Your contact should be able to provide you with the user ID.

Most people have a web-based personal email address and this will also work.

Non-BAS staff

Non-BAS staff will not be given an email account, and will need to use a web-based email account.


You can contact personnel on stations and ships by email as normal, but please note that the links are limited so be careful before sending large messages to them. Individual email messages are limited to 10 MB, but emails of this size do take a long time to download so please send the minimum size possible. If sending multiple attachments it is better to split them into several smaller e-mails rather than one large one.

Whilst the various satellite connections provide the potential for a 24/7 service, the weather conditions can and do affect its operation. This may mean that the service is interrupted or unavailable at times.

Emailing field personnel

Personnel in the field can arrange to have messages printed at the relevant station and held in confidence by the Communications Manager. The messages are read over the radio at scheduled times. Owing to operational priorities personal messages to staff serving deep field are restricted to 200 words per week, which must be shared between first and second contacts. Longer messages, which will not be read out, and hard copies of messages transmitted over the radio will be passed to individuals in the field at the first opportunity. Similarly, short messages read over the radio to the Communications Manager from someone in the field will be emailed to first or second contacts via Cambridge HQ.

Email access in the Falkland Islands

People in transit with BAS often spend short periods in the Falkland Islands awaiting onward passage on ships or aircraft. During such times limited email facilities are available from the BAS Office in Stanley.


If required, on an occasional basis, Antarctic bases and ships can be faxed via BAS Cambridge. Please contact:

Operations and Logistics Support Team
British Antarctic Survey
High Cross
Madingley Road
United Kingdom

  • Tel: +44 (0)1223 221458
  • Fax: +44 (0)1223 362616
Please put 'Personal Message', your contact's name and the base/vessel at the top of the message to be faxed.