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Rothera Research Station Webcam

The webcam at Rothera is sited on Rothera Point, looking roughly north towards the main buildings complex. Given good weather, the main buildings of Bransfield House and Admirals House can be seen as can the Operations Tower with the runway and aircraft hangar in the background. This camera updates approximately once every hour.

September 5, 2015 at 04:03

Images on September 5, 2015

View from Operations Tower

00:02:59 01:01:26 02:01:21 03:01:32 04:03:04 

View of Rothera Station

00:02:59 01:01:26 02:01:21 03:01:32 04:03:04 

View from the Dirck Gerritsz Laboratory, looking towards Anchorage Island

00:00:06 01:00:03 02:00:01 03:00:03 04:00:03 

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