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December 2007

Hot topics, cool science: new Antarctic field season underway
The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) 2007/08 field season is underway. The start of the season is marked by the arrival of dozens of scientists – together with tonnes of equipment and fresh supplies – at BAS’s five Antarctic research stations.

October 2007

The ice man cometh
We talk to ice core scientist Dr Robert Mulvaney of British Antarctic Survey about how he mines the tiny bubbles of ancient air trapped in ice for information about what the Earth's climate was like in the past, and what this tells us about our future.

August 2007

On a Wing and a Prayer
Albatrosses are icons of the Southern Ocean, but all bar two of the 21 species are now threatened with extinction. We talk to albatross expert Dr Richard Phillips of British Antarctic Survey to find out how science can help save this extraordinary seabird.

July 2007

Ice Station Antarctica
Antarctica has come to London's Natural History Museum - are you ready for the challenge?

Coolest gig in Live Earth
Dr Alistair Simpson goes behind the scenes as British Antarctic Survey's Rothera Research Station wintering rock band Nunatak prepare for their part in the Live Earth concert.

What's new on the BAS website?
A look at some of the new features on the re-launched British Antarctic Survey website.

Several degrees below canvas
We find out how British Antarctic Survey scientists cope under canvas in some of the harshest conditions on the planet, and why they do it.