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Other Vehicles in Antarctica

John Deere Gator Utility Vehicles

John Deere Gator - Unloading aircraft at Sky-Blu

John Deere Gators have been supplied to Rothera station for several years and replaced the ageing Honda TRX 350 fleet. The role of the John Deere Gatore is to supply transportation around the Rothera site. They can carry small cargo loads and two people. Their 4 wheel drive enables the vehicle to be used for a large proportion of the year. The Gator is a general use vehicle and after initial training can be used by all station personnel.

Two John Deere gators are used in rotation at Ski Blu. Again they are used for cargo and personnel movements and are also fitted with a small snow plough. The Ski Blu gators are also fitted with a cab and tracks to make the machine more comfortable and increase traction.

Overaasen Snow Blower

Rothera has a high snowfall during the late winter, so two large snow blowers are used to clear the runway and other important areas. These are  Overaasen UTV 250 and UTV 300 snow blowers which are both carried on the front of the two JCB loading shovels. Both machines can cut and blow snow up to 30 metres at a rate of up to 2000 tonnes per hour. Personal transport around Rothera is by John Deere diesel Gators, and one of these has been fitted with tracks and a blade for use in snow clearing at Sky-Blu.

Snow Blower clearing drift in front of the aircraft hangar. Snow Blower clearing clearing snow on the runway with reptile ridge in the background.

Snow Blower After Cambridge Refurb - Refurbished Overaasen UTV 250