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The Lower Plants of Bird Island Research Station

Many fungi, liverworts and mosses have been reported from Bird Island. These images show a selection, with tentative names.

Plant - liverworts Habitat Close up
This species grows on bare rock faces above the scree line.  Bird Island - Liverwort 1 - Habitat  Bird Island - Liverwort 1 - Close Up
     Bird Island - Liverwort 2 - Close Up
Ceph. This species was found in some of the meadows in Wanderer Valley, just below Wanderer Ridge. It appears to favour the grass meadows. The stems are very thin, and the bifurcated leaf tips are brown, where the rest of the plant is green or colourless. It may be mixed in with other species.
   Bird Island - Liverwort 3 - Close Up
Marchantia - the most easily recognisable liverwort on the island. The large thallus is often visible on the peat banks of the lower parts of the streams.  Bird Island - Liverwort 4 - Habitat  
Plant - mosses    
Plant - fungi